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Special Needs Vehicles, Wheel Chair Lifts & Ramps, Tucson, AZ

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3350 N Oracle Rd
Tucson, AZ 85705
Local: 520-292-8769
Fax: 520-888-7266
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Vans for Quadriplegic Drivers

SpecialNeedsVehicles -- Adapt Mobility offers mobility options for quadriplegic drivers. We feature secondary driving systems controls by Scott Driving System (DSI) and Drive-Master steering systems. We can modify an existing van with this technology or we can help you locate a van with this technology already installed. Whatever your needs are, call or email us with your questions and we can make your experience smooth and convenient.This van driver is smiling because the Scott Driving System (DSI) has given him more options.

Automotive Secondary Systems Controls
Scott Driving System (DSI)
Drive-Master Modified Steering Systems
Steering Wheel Devices
Modified Brake Systems
Floor System
Gas & Brake Pedal Modifications and Extensions -- Including the Fold-Down Pedal Extension

If are a quadriplegic driver or need to help someone who is, let SpecialNeedsVehicles -- Adapt Mobility meet your vehicle needs and make it a seamless experience for you.

Feel free to call (520-292-8769) or email us with your questions.