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B&D Independence

B & D Independence

Transfer Seat Bases/Transfer Seats

Presenting Our New Leadership Series!

Leadership L51

  • Down Height: 6 1/8”
  • Width: 14 1/4”
  • Length: 33 1/2”
  • Travel Horizontal: 21 1/2”
  • Vertical: 6 3/8”
  • Swivel: 100°
  • 6 Way Scissor for both positions

Leadership L53

  • Down Height: 6 1/8”
  • Width: 14 1/4”
  • Length: 33 1/2”
  • Travel Horizontal: 21 1/2”
  • Swivel: 100°
  • 6 Way Scissor for both positions

Leadership L53

The Leadership L53 transfer seat base has all the same features as the L51, except it only travels forward and back and swivels.

Model 041D (Driver)

  • Down Height: 6 5/8”
  • Width: 17”
  • Length: 40 1/2”
  • Travel Horizontal: 16”
  • Vertical: 8”
  • Swivel: 100°
  • 8 Way Scissor for the Driver position only
  • Applications:
    - 2003 and newer GM Full Size Vans
    - 2004 and newer Ford Econoline Vans

    The 041D is available for the driver
    position only. Passenger positions
    should use Model 071P.
Model 041D

This base is designed to mount over the OEM computer module located under the front seat. For GM applications, a 1” spacer may be required to fully clear the module box. Model 041 uses dual actuators for the up and down movement. For Chevy full size vans, this base has special floor mounts that allow it to be installed onto the 4 OEM floor studs, with NO HOLES drilled in the floor! Due to the reduced height of the OEM Ford pedestal, it is not possible to utilize a “direct mount”.

Model 041D is available in both a standard and heavy-duty design. The standard is rated for 300 lbs total combined weight capacity. Model 041D-HD is rated at 500 lbs TCWC. Model 041 can be driven in any vertical position.

Model L71

  • Down Height Front: 6 3/8”
  • Down Height Rear: 6 1/8”
  • Width: 16 1/4”
  • Length: Driver, 28”; Passenger, 26"
  • Travel Horizontal:
    Driver, 14 5/8 ”; Passenger, 12 5/8 "
    (Seat moves additional 3” rearward
    when fully raised due to the function
    of the scissor legs)
  • Vertical: 6 5/8”
  • Swivel: 100°
  • Weight Capacity: 500 Lbs.
  • 6 Way Scissor
Model L71D

The L71D (Driver) and L71P (Passenger) are our most versatile seat bases. They can be installed in many full size vans for both driver and passenger and selected non-lowered floor mini vans.

The redesigned L71D & P incorporates many of the features in our Leadership Series including being rated at 500 lbs. Note: Most late model, full size Ford and GM vans require Model 041D in the driver position because of the module under the driver seat.

Optional Upgrades: Models L71D and L71P can be configured with 180° Swivel, Handheld Pendant and extended travel. In some applications, it may be necessary to add riser tubes.

Model 073

  • Down Height: 5 1/4"
  • Width: 16 1/4”
  • Length: 28”
  • Travel Horizontal: 11"
  • Swivel: 100°
  • 4 Way Scissor, Slide and Swivel Only
Model 073

The 073D (Driver) and 073P (Passenger) seat base can be installed in many full size vans for both driver and passenger. In addition Model 073 can be used in several non-lowered floor mini vans.

In some applications it is necessary to add riser tubes to clear the computer module.

Model L75

  • Down Height: 5 3/4”
    (5” with removal of front tube)"
  • Width: 22 1/2”
  • Length: 53”
  • Travel Horizontal: 35” to 37”
    (Depending on Application)
  • Swivel: 100° (Inboard or Outboard)
  • Footrest Height: 3 ½”
  • Weight Capacity: 500 Lbs.
  • 4 Way (Forward & Back and Swivel
  • Optional Upgrades:
    Models L75D and L75P can be configured
    with 100° swivel in either direction
    (inboard or outboard). A handheld
    pendant is also available.
Model L75
The L75D (Driver) and L75P (Passenger) are designed for rear entry Chrysler / Dodge vans and non lowered floor Chrysler/Dodge minivans. (Additional applications will be introduced soon.) The front of the L75 mounts into the OEM seat floor mounting holes and in many cases the rear is anchored to the OEM bracket. Little, if any invasive drilling is required to install the L75. The L75 is designed to mount at a 6 degree angle which prevents it from intruding into the path of the center cut. The OEM seat is used with the L75 and in most applications, the seat height remains within ¾” of its original height. For non lowered floor vans the L75 offers numerous options. The long horizontal travel allows the front seat (Driver or Passenger) to move back into the 2nd door area allowing entry and exit through the 2nd door. For these applications, the swivel can be made to turn out of the vehicle. And as a special benefit, the L75 is the only seat base that can be used in vans with Stow-n-Go seating!

Model 977

  • Down Height:
    Driver, 1 3/4"; Passenger, 1 3/4"
  • Width: Driver, 16”; Passenger 16 1/4”
  • Length: Driver 15 1/2"; Passenger 28”
  • Swivel: 100°
  • Power Swivel Only
Model 977D and 977P can be used in applications that require a swivel only. It can be configured to swivel either right or left.