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Restraint and Docking Systems


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TITAN Systems

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Sure-Lok Titan System

Sure-Lok is committed to providing the safest and most secure wheelchair tie-downs and occupant restraint systems available today. And, TITAN delivers.

And, that's just the beginning.

TITAN's comprehensive kits provide what you need to equip your vehicles with everything required to deliver the safest ride possible to your passengers. Supported by Sure-Lok's broad public offering, a firm commitment to meet and exceed all applicable safety standards and a team that is always available to assist - TITAN delivers the optimum in passenger securement and protection. When its time to specify high performance securement systems.

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Dock 'N' Lock System

The innovative, new Dock 'N' Lock Securement System from Sure-Lok gives individuals with special needs the freedom to get behind the wheel and drive. The system's unique design allows for easy docking and the dual-locking arm mechanism minimizes movement for maximum protection and comfort. The compact dock module - measuring 6-by-9 inches - offers greater maneuverability for a larger variety of wheelchairs. And the low-profile wheelchair bracket provides maximum ground clearance, making it easy to clear everyday obstacles like uneven surfaces, thresholds or carpets. The Dock 'N' Lock System gives users the accessibility they need to confidently lock in and drive without assistance.

Dock Module
This 6-by-9 inch base provides a smooth entry and superior stability for the wheelchair user, thanks to its unique dual-locking arm mechanism.
Wheelchair Bracket
The low-profile bracket prevents snagging on uneven, real-world surfaces for more maneuverability.
One Button Electrical Release
A dash mounted button allows for a quick release of the wheelchair and has visual and audible warning indicators. A manual release is also available.
Elevation Plates
These plates stack to easily adjust the dock module to the proper height.
Top Safety Rating
Meets 30mph/20g Impact Test Criteria in both forward and reverse mount positions as per SAE J2249 and ISO 10542 Standards.
Fixed Sub-Plate Mount
The plate provides the installer with increased accessibility to the unit and requires minimal labor.
Dock 'N' Lock comes with a two year warranty and requires no preventive maintenance.


Dock 'N' Lock Docking Station


Dock ‘N’ Lock Docking Station

Kit consists of Dock Module, Remote Electrical Release Kit, Master Control Box & Harness Kit, and Hardware.

Adjustable Mounting Plate


Adjustable Mounting Plate

Mounting Plate allows forward and backward adjustment to the Dock Module during installation.

Remote Electrical Release Kit


Remote Electrical Release Kit

Additional optional Electrical Release Kits available.

Remote Cable Release Kit


Remote Cable Release Kit

Optional Manual Release for use when Electrical Release is not enabled.

Flexible Seat Belt Stalk


Flexible Seat Belt Stalk Conversion Kit

Stalk attaches to L Track in the floor and stands approximately 20 inches for easy access to buckle.

Power Wheelchair Bracket Kit


Power Wheelchair Bracket Kit

Bracket attaches to the mobility device’s base and latches into the Dock Module. Bracket design varies per wheelchair.

Power Wheelchair Bracket Kit


Power Wheelchair Bracket Kit

Bracket attaches to the mobility device’s base and latches into the Dock Module. Bracket design varies per wheelchair.

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FF600 Retraktor Series

FF600 Retraktor Series

The FF600 Retraktor Series System is the most convenient and proven wheelchair securement system you can buy today. Every feature has been thoughtfully designed for your passengers with special needs and ease of operation for your drivers. Retraktor systems provide ultimate efficiency, time savings, and convenience. And they are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and performance. Nothing has been sacrificed.

The ergonomically designed handles are durable, quick and easy to grasp, and apply tension. Our newly redesigned metal cover is now chrome plated for a stronger, more durable finish and a more attractive appearance. Our superior track fittings are specifically designed to ensure free pivoting action for optimum belt alignment to the tie-down point on the chair. Optional oversized, red release button for greater visibility and easier operation. The positive-locking Retraktor keeps the webbing tension at the desired load throughout the full range of adjustment so the lock is still effective when webbing is fully retracted in the housing.

Our dual 24-teeth sprocket mechanism enables the user to more easily increase tension on the webbing than with a 12-teeth sprocket mechanism, providing a better secured chair and more comfortable ride.

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FE500 Systems


Built with uncompromising standards, Sure-Lok FE500 Series Systems provide the ultimate in securement. These systems are engineered and manufactured to the highest levels of quality and performance. To ensure maximum securement and peace of mind, specify Sure-Lok FE500 Series Systems.

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Occupant Restraint Systems

Occupant Restriant SystemOccupant Restriant System

Sure-Lok Occupant Restraint Systems provide the optimum in passenger securement and protection. The wide range of system options allows you to select the combination of restraint products that are best suited to your customers' needs and that will provide the greatest efficiency and ease of use. Sure-Lok Occupant Restraint Systems meet all applicable requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and have successfully passed the stringent 30mph/20g Impact Test Criteria when used in conjunction with the FF600 or FE500 Series Securement Systems. To ensure the highest level of passenger securement and comfort, use Sure-Lok Occupant Restraint Systems.

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System Track & Floor Plates

Track Image

L Track is the most commonly used floor anchoring product in vehicle conversions (layout/configuration). Its ease of installation, light weight and superior strength make it a natural choice for anchoring wheelchair securements as well as seats to vehicle floors and walls.

Sure-Lok Heavy-Duty Series L Tracks are made of high-strength, 7075-T6, aircraft-quality aluminum alloy. Medium-Duty L Tracks are made from 6061-T6 or equivalent aluminum alloy.

Proper track selection is necessary for the installation of Sure-Lok Wheelchair Tie-Downs and Occupant Restraint Systems. Sure-Lok L Track can be supplied undrilled if necessary, however we strongly recommend that extreme care be taken when drilling, countersinking or counterboring the holes as the tolerances are critical. Information is available from our customer service department regarding dimensional tolerances.

Customized special length track is available. L Tracks are also available in a clear anodized or black anodized finish. Contact customer service for more information about our special order products.

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