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Restraint and Docking Systems

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SpecialNeedsVehicles is proud to supply, install, and support Q'Straint restraint devices and docking systems.

4-Point Securement Systems | Docking Systems | Occupant Securements | Flooring & Anchorages

4-Point Securement Systems

Q'Straint 4-Point Securement Systems provide stability and safety.

Q'Straint introduced the world's first fully integrated 4-point wheelchair passenger securement system, the industry standard for more than 25 years. Each component is designed, engineered and tested to work as one cohesive system. In the event of a collision or sudden stop, the system isolates the forward forces of the occupant from those of their chair by directing the chair's forces to the vehicle floor.

A complete 4-point system includes:

Retractor Systems

The QRT series of retractors are the easiest and fastest-securing 4-Point systems available today. These systems allow drivers to secure a wheelchair in less than 15 seconds, while reducing the risk of driver injury and drastically reducing vehicle wait times for transportation operators.

The latest innovation in retractor systems. The QRT Max is the latest generation of self-locking, self-tensioning retractable wheelchair securement systems.
QRT is a self-locking, self-tensioning rectractable system.
QRT Deluxe
The retractor that changed the industry. The QRT Deluxe was the first self-locking, self-tensioning retractable system and is now the industry standard.
QRT is a self-locking, self-tensioning rectractable system.
QRT Standard
For a budget-conscious retractor solution. The QRT Standard is an economical retractor system to help meet minimum specifications and cost-conscious budgets without sacrificing safety.
QRT is a self-locking, self-tensioning rectractable system.

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Docking Systems

Q'Straint QLK-100 Docking System

The QLK-100 docking system is the perfect solution for wheelchair passengers who drive their vehicles and for those who want the independence of quickly securing their own wheelchair using a single point system. The QLK-100 is engineered for reliability and based on the proven design of truck and trailer hitches which have been safely used for over half a century.

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Occupant Securements

Q'Straint Q'Vest Child Securement Vest

The Q'Vest is a simple, comfortable and easy to use vest to safely secure children in school bus seats. It was designed with technical assistance from experts in special needs transportation for children.

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Flooring & Anchorages

Fixed Locations ("Pockets")

Used with 4-Point Systems, a vehicle with fixed securement has designated wheelchair securement locations equipped with "Pockets" to secure each corner of the wheelchair (red X's). This setup eliminates the guess work and reduces potential for operator error since securement points are fixed.

Q'Straint: Securement locations on floor

Oval L-Pocket

Q'Straint Oval L-Pocket

Easy to install, simple to use floor mounted anchorage for L-fittings.

Slide & Click

Q'Straint Slide & Click

The latest innovation in fixed securement “pockets”. It offers 360 degree rotation and easy, one-hand operation.

Covered L-Pocket

Q'Straint Covered L-Pocket

Flush mounted floor anchorage for L-fittings, with attached cover.

Flat Hook Pocket

Q'Straint Flat Hook Pocket

The original "pocket" floor anchorage for compartmentalized securement locations.

A-Track Plate

Q'Straint A-Track Plate

An economical fixed floor anchorage solution for cost-conscious budgets.


Flexible Locations ("Track")

Used with 4-Point Systems, a vehicle with flexible securement arrangement is equipped with lengths of track throughout the vehicle, allowing operators to add or remove wheelchair positions and seats to adapt the vehicle to changing passenger needs. This setup provides greater flexibility to accommodate wheelchair and non-wheelchair passengers.

Q'Straint: Locations of track restraints on bus


Q'Straint: L-Track

L-Track is the most widely used floor anchorage in the transportation industry due to its flexibility in accommodating various wheelchair positions.

Seat Anchor Systems


Q'Straint QSF

The QSF Seat Locking System interfaces with L-track compatible floor anchorages or floor systems and facilitates easy installation and removal of seats on demand.

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