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The Automobility Solution is a combination of two products: the Handibar and the Swivel Cushion. You can purchase the each item separately or together.


The Handibar: a handle for getting in and out of cars

The Swivel Cushion: a comfortable rotating car cushion


Swivel Cushion

  • Increases mobility and independence
  • Reduces risk of falls
  • Fits 95% of all newer cars
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Non-slip handle
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Reduces harmful twisting motion
  • Conforms to any car seat
  • Low profile and portable
  • Non-slip bottom surface

The following testimonial is from a satistfied occupational therapist at UBC Hospital (Vancouver, BC).

I would be most happy to write a testimonial as to the benefits of Handybar for our patient population: 

I work with patients who have had a total hip replacement.  Our patients need to adhere to strict movement restrictions for three months after their surgery.  When patients are discharged just days after their surgery, I teach them how to get in and out of their vehicle while maintaining their hip precautions.  We find that the Handybar is a great tool to use in this situation as the patients are always reaching back trying to find something stable to hold on to as they sit down in the car seat.  The Handybar provides the perfect support for patients to hold on to as they sit down on the car seat without having to twist or reach back awkwardly to find something to support them.  Using the Handybar to assist patients in completing their car transfer safely helps us in our work. 

Thank you for your generous donation to our ward, the Handybars are being put to good use and the patients really benefit from it. 

Karen Choy
Occupational Therapist
Center for Surgical Innovation – Ward 1R
UBC Hospital