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Gas & Brake Hand Controls

Mobility Products & Design (MPD):
Hand, Steering, Extension, and Foot Controls

Logo: MPD

Mobility Products & Design's hand, steering, and foot controls give you the ability to take control of your busy life, so you have the freedom to expand your world.

Important Note: All steering controls are readily detachable for the ambulatory person

Hand Controls

Hand Control Knob Grip Straight Handle

Image: Hand Control Knob Grip Straight Handle

You will recognize this popular hand control: it now comes with a standard bent brake rod which allows the control to be mounted higher in the vehicle for your driving convenience.

Hand Control Foam Grip Straight Handle

Hand Control Knob Grip Offset Handle

Our foam grip handle was designed two inches longer in length than most hand controls, ensuring comfortable driving control and greater leverage when braking and accelerating.

Hand Control Knob Grip Offset Handle

Image: Hand Control Knob Grip Offset Handle

This control has everything the 3500K offers, but with additional options. For instance, your installer can choose the handle angle to suit your preference. If you are tall, it can be angled around your leg so that you can reach full acceleration. If you have difficulty reaching the turn signal, the handle easily adjusts closer to the turn signal lever.

Hand Control Quad Handle with Wrist Support

MPD Quad Handle with Wrist Support

This control offers a U-shaped handle with a foam wrist support and side hand guard, adding more wrist support than standard right-angle controls for guiding comfort.

Accelerator/Brake Guard

Image: Accelerator Brake Guard

This control prevents the driver from inadvertently pressing the accelerator or brake pedal or brake pedal or placing a foot underneath either pedal

Hand Control Push/Pull Quad Control

Image: Hand Control Push/Pull Quad Control

This versatile tri-pin was designed to feel comfortable. It may be moutned for right- or left-hand operation, according to your preference. It can be installed in a variety of full-size vans, including lowered-floor minivans.

Available Options for All 3500 Hand Controls

  • Horn and/or headlight dimmer can be included in the installation.
  • Knob and foam grips are interchangeable, depending on your preference

Steering Controls

Steering Control Single Pin Foam Grip

Single Pin Foam Grip

You'll like the soft foam handle grip and the smooth steering motion. The secure grip gives you comfortable control and command of your vehicle.

Steering Control Ball Grip

Steering Control Ball Grip

Our most popular steering control, the ball-grip presses firmly against the palm of your hand, giving you added strength and control for easy driving.

Steering Control Hook Grip

Steering Control Hook Grip

Designed for those using a prosthetic hook (typically with two fingers). One finger goes on the outside of the ring, the other finger goes on the inside, securing you to the steering wheel for smooth handling.

Steering Control Palm Grip

Steering Control Tri-Pin Grip

Only Mobility Products & Design offers you this lightweight, aluminum wrap. You can adjust it to comfortably fit you hand, and its firm strength holds that shape for secure steering control. The soft, sheepskin liner protects your hand and keeps you warm in the winter. A unique finger rest protects your fingers, plus the raised device keeps them from having little contact with the steering wheel.

Steering Control Tri-Pin Grip

Steering Control Tri-Pin Grip

Your hand and wrist aare comfortably secure with this lightweight three-pin grip. The pins are fully adjustable, so you can easily find your individual comfort setting. An available counter-weight takes awaythe Tri-pin Grip's weight, so you can mount it on either side of your steering wheel. Easily replaceable foam cover for comfort.

Steering Control V-Grip

Steering Control V-Grip

With a foam-grip single pin and foam-covered aluminum wrap providing backhand support, your hand stays securely and comfortably in place. You can easily adjust the single pin to find the steering grip that's just right for you. Easily replaceable foam cover for comfort.

Extension Controls

Park Brake Extension Control

Park Brake Extension Control

Long, sturdy, and easy to reach, this extension makes setting your parking brake a simple task. It adjusts easily for use in a variety of vehicles.

Gear Selector Extension

Gear Selector Extension

Our gear selector can be mounted on the left or right side of your steering wheel, depending on your preference. An extension means extra leverage for the right-hand location.

Right-Hand Turn Signal Lever Extension

Image: Right-Hand Turn Signal Lever Extension

This lightweight crossover lever operates your turn-signals easily. We install these products using bands, not screws, leaving your vehicle's interior in its original condition.

Key Extension

Image: Key Extension

This key extension was designed to provide better leverage when starting your vehicle. This product can be used anywhere that you would use a key: your vehicle, your office, or your own front door.

Foot Controls

Left Foot Accelerator

Image: Left Foot Accelerator

Our left foot accelerator is easily installed and easy to remove for other drivers. It allows you to use your left foot to accelerate, while the pedal guard protects the right accelerator.

Accelerator Guard

Image: Accelerator Guard

This product protects you from inadvertently resting your foot on the accelerator. It installs quickly and easily, and it mounts on the same base bracket as the left-foot accelerator pedal. It's also detachable, so other drivers can use your vehicle. It is recommended for use with hand controls.