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Special Needs Vehicles, Wheel Chair Lifts & Ramps, Tucson, AZ

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3350 N Oracle Rd
Tucson, AZ 85705
Local: 520-292-8769
Fax: 520-888-7266
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Driving Controls

MPS: Left Foot Gas Pedal

SpecialNeedsVehicles is proud to supply, install, and support driving controls, left foot accelerators, gas & break pedal guards & extensions, and electronic gear shifts by Drive-Master, MPD, MPS, and Creative Controls, Inc. (CCI).

In addition to the brands just listed, SpecialNeedsVehicles now produces its own gas & brake pedal extensions.

Driving Controls
Left Foot Accelerators
MPS and MPD Accelerators
Gas & Brake Pedal Guard
Mobility Products & Design (MPD)
Clutch, Brake, and Gas Pedal Extensions
Electronic Gear Shift
Creative Controls Inc. (CCI)