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Drive-MasterDrive-Master Hand Controls for Steering, Gas, and Brake

Drive-Master sets the standard when it comes to Hand Controls.

Picture of Drive Master hand controls for steering, and gas & brake pedals.SpecialNeedsVehicles -- Adapt Mobility specializes in adapting your vehicle or home to fit your special needs. If you know exactly what you need to have installed or improved in your vehicle or home, then stop by our shop, call us by phone (520-292-8769), or email us and we can immediately help you get what you need. If you'd like to set a sense of the Drive Master hand controls available, feel free to browse our product information below.

Drive Master hand controls allow you to control the steering wheel and gas & brake pedals in any combination or all together.



Drive-Master Company is a pioneer in Hand Control Mobility Solutions. Drive Master has engineered every conceivable Hand Control System for the Hadicapped Driver.        

Steering Wheel Devices

Drive-Master Steering Knobs

Steering Knobs

For positive one Hand Control of the Steering Wheel. Remains in a fixed position via two support straps stemming from a fixed base which is attached to the Steering Wheel. The base's position along the inside of the Steering Wheel is adjustable according to the individual's Abilities.

Drive-Master Tri Pins


A Steering Device for Drivers with no grip and diminished wrist stability. Also firmly supported by a secure base located along the inside of the Steering Wheel. Each pin is covered with foam to provide the Driver with maximum comfort.

Drive-Master Steering Cuff

Steering Cuff

This Steering Device offers complete support and control for the totally Disabled Hand and Wrist.

Drive-Master V-Grip


Steering Device for Drivers with minimum grip, stabilizes the Driving Hand securely. Secured base is also adjustable according to individual Abilities.

Drive-Master Palm Grip

Palm Grip for Quad Steering

Can be placed at any position on the Steering Wheel according to Driving Prescription and personal comfort. Comes with soft insert. Requires moderate tensor control.

Drive-Master Amputee Ring

Amputee Ring

Accommodates most Drivers with a Prosthetic Hook on their Steering arms. Made of durable steel and can be placed most locations on the Steering Wheel. The prosthesis should have soft surface pinchers

Drive-Master Single Pin Steering Device

Single Pin Steering Device

Single Pin Steering Device for the Driver with full use of Steering Hand and Arm. Pin is covered with foam to provide the Driver with maximum comfort

SpecialNeedsVehicles -- Adapt Mobility can take the hassle and exhaustion out of the process of adapting your vehicle with a Drive-Master hand control, whether it is for steering, the gas & brake pedals, or both. To get the process started, please feel free to contact any of our staff --

by phone (520-292-8769)
or by email

and we will be happy to brainstorm with you!