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Larry Finman


Larry is an adventurer. In 2000, he returned to Tucson after 15 years of work in Columbia, South America, Honduras, Central America, and Saudi Arabia. Needing direction, Larry started Finman & Associates, Inc., an engineering consulting firm that provides services to the mining industry throughout the southwest. Even though the company is still going strong today, Larry still found time for greater challenges. A friend of his had a conversion van in for repair at ADAPT Mobility. The friend lamented that numerous attempts had been made, but it still sat in the shop. So Larry stopped by, applied his 38 years of mechanical engineering expertise to the project, and found that the high-tech systems were flawed. He revamped the necessary components and got his friend on the road again. For Larry, the realization that adequate repair for special needs vehicles was limited and the availability of good, sound pre-owned vehicles were scarce was something he wanted to correct. So Larry bought ADAPT Mobility and created a new company, Special Needs Vehicles, Inc. It was a good match. Providing individualized high tech driving systems for those with challenges gives Larry and the team at SNV immense gratification. Being able to design a way for someone to drive and re-establish their mobility and independence inspires their day.