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ElDorado Amerivan: GM and Chrysler Conversions

SpecialNeedsVehicles -- Adapt Mobility can convert your GM or Chrysler to meet your mobility needs with the El Dorado Amerivan conversion, for personal or commerical use.Amerivan 1


The El Dorado National conversion of the General Motors and Chrysler minivans results in a unique, lowered-floor design for transporting mobility-challenged individuals. The Amerivan features self-adjusting ride height, a powered sliding door, either a manual or a powered folding ramp and fixed or removable front and middle seats. Additionally, Amerivan offers Six-Way Power Seats in front or Quad-Seating for the front and middle areas.

The Amerivan is built to the highest standards of quality and it complies with all currently applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards. El Dorado National provides a comprehensive warranty that assures years of dependable service. For maximum safety, El Dorado National recommends that the vehicle conversion components be inspected and serviced at least every six months, or sooner if usage is high.



Standard Equipment:

Classic Equipment:

Inludes ALL standard equipment PLUS:

Recent Improvements Implemented to Amerivan

Commercial Use Conversions

Amerivan PT Extended Ramp

Description & Specifications

The Amerivan PT from El Dorado National is a low-floor minivan conversion specially priced and equipped for the growing market for paratransit vehicles. The Amerivan PT provides all the standard equipment found on the premium Amerivan minivan conversion for personal use, but with the paratransit user in mind. This vehicle is equipped with air-suspension package and a side-entry foldout ramp. You may equip your fleet with any number of optional features including kneeling feature and power ramps.

If you like the looks of the El Dorado Amerivan, then let SpecialNeedsVehicles -- Adapt Mobility help you meet your special needs.