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Air Bag Safety

How can you protect yourself and your loved ones from the danger of an exploding Airbag?

Air Bag Safety  - It's up to you

There has been little publicity about the severe, disabling injuries airbags cause each year, but the issue of air bag injury has been common knowledge among emergency room physicians and nurses ever since airbags were introduced.

But now you can protect yourself and your passengers from this danger. You can control the airbag with an ON/Off switch or you can use pedal extenders that let you get back a safe distance from the airbag.

Airbags detonate with about 2000 pounds of force at more than  200 mph. This much force can amputate fingers, fracture and crush bones in the neck, arm and face, or even kill; especially if you are too close to the airbag when it detonates.  Even "de-powered" and "next generation" or "advanced" airbags deploy at 180 mph.

According to the federal government, the air bag danger is greatest to:

Four ways you can protect yourself and your passengers:

An Airbag Switch You can turn the airbag on or off with a key
Airbag Disconnection Disconnects the airbag until reconnected  
Pedal Extenders Shorter drivers can get farther from the wheel
Learn Safer Driving methods Facts everyone should know and use  

Air bag switches can be crucial for Police cruisers and other emergency fleet vehicles when laptop computers, or other equipment is mounted in the airbag deployment zone. For police fleet applications, click on the following link: Airbag switches for Police fleets

How can I get an Airbag Switch? What about disconnecting my airbags?

With NHTSA registration SpecialNeedsVeicles, Inc. and the customer's medical need and/or a doctor’s prescription, we can modify the airbag controls accordingly.

SpecialNeedsVehicles, Inc. offers the leading airbag switch available today. It has gold internal contacts and is not subject to corrosion the way silver or other metals are in low current switching applications.  The Gold Standard airbag switch also has no internal fuse so it will last longer than competitive switches.  

Typical Switch Installation

Typical Switch Installation

We have a national network of qualified airbag switch installers.  This site also covers other auto safety items such as pedal extenders, that let shorter drivers move farther away from the wheel, seat belt adjusters, booster cushions for short drivers, and safe disconnection of airbags - we also sell airbag disconnection instructions for almost all vehicles and kits to keep the instrument panel airbag warning light off for almost all vehicles.

NHTSA authorizes airbag switches for children that need to ride in front, shorter drivers who are close to the steering wheel, and for those with medical conditions that make the force of an airbag especially dangerous. But severe injuries are possible for anyone.

To get permission to have an airbag switch installed, you need to apply to the government (NHTSA) for permission.  With NTSA registration SpecialNeedsVeicles, Inc. and the customer's medical need and/or a doctor’s prescription, we can modify the airbag controls accordingly.

Honda Installation

Center console installation

SpecialNeedsVehicles -- Adapt Mobility can make any necessary adjustments or improvements to your airbag safety system to improve your safety and that of your passengers. To learn how we can help you, please feel free to contact any of our staff --

by phone (520-292-8769)
or by email

and we will be happy to brainstorm with you!