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Vision by Viewpoint Mobility

SpecialNeedsVehicles is proud to supply and support Vision by Viewpoint Mobility.

The Vision is a rear-entry, lowered floor modification that is seamlessly engineered to make DaimlerChrysler, Ford, and General Motors minivans as barrier-free as possible. A Vision-equipped minivan can take you and your loved ones anywhere without compromising comfort, safety or style.

Vehicle Solutions | Vision Engineering

Vehicle Solutions

Automatic Conversion
The Automatic Rear Entry Vision lowered floor minivan allows total independence.The automatic rear entry Vision lowered floor minivan allows total independence! Just a press of the button and the rear hatch opens, the ramp unfolds, and the van lowers to the ground. Accessibility couldn't be simpler! The automatic rear hatch can be triggered using a keychain remote, hand-held remote or dash-mounted switch.
Independent Driver Conversion
The transfer seat is an optional installation for driver and/or passenger side.Viewpoint Mobility offers an optional transfer seat with installations of The Vision. The transfer seat can be selected to the driver or passenger position. Combine this option with a suitable hand control system and the Vision is the perfect mobility solution for the independent wheelchair user. The transfer seat is available with a vinyl slip cover to ease transfer by reducing friction.
Manual Conversion
The manual rear entry conversion is simple and effortless!The beauty of the manual rear entrance lowered-floor wheelchair accessible minivan is its simplicity. There are virtually no moving parts to wear out! Simply open the rear hatch and lower the light weight aluminum ramp to the ground and you are ready to go! The ramp is even spring assisted to make it effortless to raise and lower.
Seating Options
The Vision has a variety of seating options to suit your unique mobility and capacity requirements.

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Vision Engineering

As a cornerstone of the Viewpoint Mobility tradition, our engineers play a prominent role in how our company operates. They have collaborated with leading experts and universities to design the safest, highest quality and streamlined design on the market. Our focus on quality has allowed us the pleasure of obtaining approval from OEM car manufacturers like DaimlerChrysler and General Motors. To date we are the only rear-entrance lowered-floor minivan manufacturer to meet the stringent standards of these companies. Some of the Vision™'s technical specifications are outlined here for each of the DaimlerChrysler, Ford, and General Motors modifications. Determine your size requirements then explore these specifications to determine which chassis is best suited for you.

Vision vehicle specifications

GM 97 05


A Lowered Floor Length 91 91 89 90 87.5 84.25
B Lowered Floor Width 29.5 29 31.5 31.5 31.25 31.75
C Useable Ramp Width 30 30 30 30 30 30
D Ramp Length Auto Entry *(Bi-Fold manual ramp is 54") 40 40 40 40 40 40
E VISION Buckets (Eight (8) Passenger Modular Seating) 27 29 30 30 30 30
F Ground Clearance at Rear Frame 9 9 6.5 8.25 8 9
G Ground Clearance at Skid Plate 6.5 6.5 6.5 6.5 6.25 6.75
H Interior Head Room in Front Wheelchair Location 56 58 58.25 58.25 58.25 56.25
I Entrance Head Room 56 55 56.5 54.25 53 54
J Distance From Ground to highest point on rear hatch—with the Door Open and Van not Kneeling. (Dimension is Less when Van in Kneeling) 85 87 87 85 84 85
K Distance from Ground to Top of Van—Rear hatch Closed 76 76 73 73 72 71
  Passenger/Driver Transfer Seat Not Available X X     X X
  Available 56" ADA Option X   X X X X

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SpecialNeedsVehicles -- Adapt Mobility can take the hassle and exhaustion out of the process of getting the new or used vehicle to fit your special mobility needs. To get the process started, please feel free to contact any of our staff --

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It is our objective to ensure your mobility needs are met for your vehicle, home, or office.